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Beauty Mood Spa is a place where tranquillity meets wellness and beauty. Our masseuses are professionally trained in their field and have years of experience. We offer an array of facials, massages, and treatments using professional-rated skin products to ensure a youthful and healthy result!

Moisturizing Facial

Moisturizing Facial: For a more dewy glow, this facial offers a variety of treatments including cleansing, steaming, exfoliating, and a soft mask to complete the treatment.

$68/ 60 mins

Moisturizing Facial

Ultrasound Facial

Using high-speed oscillations and uses low-frequency sound waves to stimulate fresher and smoother-looking skin. This facial is a non-invasive and safe method for all skin types.

$109/ 90 mins

Ultrasound Facial

Anti-Aging Facials

Using collagen-based products and facial serums, this treatment leaves skin feeling healthy and young.

$119/ 90 mins

Anti-Aging Facialls

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